that people are the panacea for their own ills, and will find their own solution if they’re assisted in removing the obstacles that prevent change from their path.



“Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”
― Mother Teresa


Acceptance + Committment Therapy



“If you’re alive, you experience stress, it’s just part of the human experience.”
― Michael Player + Matthew Johnstone


See yourself happy



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Psychology Practice

Therapy + Counselling


Research + Consultancy + Keynotes

The treatment approach is always informed by the latest evidenced-based research to provide the most effective client outcomes. However, the best outcomes are achieved by treating the client as a person, not a condition. As no two clients are alike, a range of treatment options is available to best match a client’s personality and world-view.


Counselling is a shorter term treatment designed to manage a specific issue such as grief, trauma, relationship struggles, or just moving ahead. Psychological coaching may help enhance our performance, productivity and quality of life. Through applying the knowledge of behavioural psychology we may find a little extra space and energy to excel in life..


You don’t need a referral to make an appointment, however you will need a referral from your GP if you wish to claim rebates for psychology services through Medicare.

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We provide clients with the latest evidence based research and instruction to improve their mental health and wellbeing. By providing these skills in a group format, more people are able to initiate change, and obtain the benefit of these strategies sooner.

Learning Programs

We deliver the latest evidence based education and training to provide our clients with new skills to achieve their goals. Through thoughtful teaching and exercise based learning, we empower our client groups to make sustainable change and better interact with their world.


Dr Michael Player has spent years researching key aspects of mental health and wellbeing. His research has included studies in coping, depression, and suicide; looking for biological markers of stress; how to intervene when stress becomes a problem; men’s mental health.